A Technical Means to an Aesthetic End

I'm a freelance / contract front end web developer,
keeping current with future proof methodologies,
providing intuitive and fun to use websites.

Quality Professional Presence

  • a perfectionist's attention to detail
  • modern, forward thinking web technologies
  • semantic, standards compliant, code
  • intuitive, elegant, polished user interface
  • cross browser/platform/device compatibility
  • search engine optimization
  • Just want you to know how AWESOME it is working with you. I'm thoroughly pleased with our communication, interactions, your responsiveness, professional expertise, etc etc!
    -- site planning liaison, Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication
  • Elly, I love the site. You did an incredible job!
    -- Jeff Brink, Brinks Land Improvement
  • Thanks Elly, as usual you are a superhero. You are both a pleasure to work with and the quality of your work is excellent!
    -- Joseph Pred, Mutual Aid Response Services
  • It would be impossible for me to oversell Elly. She's simply awesome. If she believes she's a good fit for a project and takes it on, then she will deliver exceptional results and be a joy to work with the whole time.
    -- Alex Bronstein, Acquia
  • We value your role in our company so much, your talents, ideas and work ethic, as well as how you're improving our whole infrastructure. We're so grateful to have someone like you onboard, who is super-talented in the services you provide.
    -- Anna Bronstein, Your Library Site
  • Bringing you onboard as our web tech several years ago has made a wonderful difference for our project. Your prompt responsiveness, thoroughness, and attention to detail keeps everything running smoothly. It's not often I encounter someone whose sense of high standards rivals my own! I'm really glad we found you, I have no idea what we'd have done otherwise.
    -- Tree Bressen, Group Pattern Language Project
  • Elly is great at what she does. I love her pragmatic, efficient and effective style in building and caring for our website.
    -- Sally Marie, Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication
  • Thanks again for all of your hard work. It's really great so far. I've received several compliments! It's really been a pleasure to work with you. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I come across who needs a website developed.
    -- Zachary Weiner, IPS Emergency Training Institute
  • The response to our website has been great, we get so many compliments on how amazing it is. People appreciate the ease of use. You did a great job, thanks.
    -- Kellie Brink, Brinks Land Improvement
  • If Elly takes on your project, not only can you be assured that she will do a competent job with an artists flair, but you can be sure of a fair price.
    -- Len Hockley, Info Line Special Projects Manager (Ret) White Bird Clinic
  • The Decovent website response has been great. We have sold Dec-O-Vents across the US and the website was our only advertising. We are very pleased with the response and our sales.
    -- Mark & Kellie Brink, Decovent
  • You create elegant, functional sites that make no sacrifices to either utility or aesthetics. You think things through addressing opportunities and consequences of future scenarios, and your turnaround times are fantastic!
    -- Michelle De Lude, ORNCC
  • I especially enjoyed the process of building my site, when Elly would ask me about my goals for a particular feature, then give me several options to consider.
    -- Stuart Watson, Progressive Mediation