Web Development

Meticulously crafted, I keep up with modern, forward thinking web technologies, providing elegant, polished user interfaces. I've been developing websites since 1997.

I develop using web standards - clean, fast, easily maintained, future compatible, accessible, mobile first & search engine friendly.

I can custom design & program your site using a CMS (content management system), if your site needs are best addressed with such a system.

Web Design

Echozone can build your website with a look and feel specifically designed for your purpose. This can be completely new or a redesign of an existing website.

Design is "how it looks", "how it works", and how you and your visitors interface with the site. Besides the visual design, we will plan how your content can be used in various formats and places once entered in the database. This is the advantage of a CMS, as well as you editing your content. Your site's user interface and any workflow will be designed for intuitive and pleasurable ease of use.

Starting with any existing branding or vision you might have for your site, you'll have choices from ideas I propose from my experience with structure, navigation, technologies, design, layout, useability, typography and color.

Full Service

Echozone can assist you in every step of the way to creating your presence on the web, including:
  • advise choosing reputable, inexpensive hosting with servers on a fast redundant network
  • assist with domain name registration & hosting setup
  • development staging to live deployment
  • assist with email organization & setup
  • search engine optimization
  • ongoing maintenance
Any service or consultation is available separately.

Print Media Design

Enhance your website branding with matching print media:
  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Ads


Pricing is by the job, allowing me to take the time I need to create the quality up to my standards. After getting an idea of what you're requesting, I can quote you an estimate, and before we begin, you'll have the final quote for specific services. Additions during the process may or may not add to that amount.

Please feel free to contact Echozone
with any questions or requests for services.