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*High Score Contest*

Mimic Mimic is a "Simon" type memory game
     with a unique round window!

Repeat the progressively increasing sequences
by clicking on Mimic's buttons
As an alternative, you may use either of these
keyboard options to activate Mimic's buttons

keyboard function

You may switch the tones that Mimic plays
by selecting from the "Sound" menu,
and registered versions will remember your selection.

Mimic displays your current game's progress,
keeps track of your High Score for the Session,
and once registered, remembers the Record High Score


TopPraise for Mimic:

Eric Reid of C.DEV:
WOW! This is great! It's so clean! No bugs, plays perfectly, plays at exactly the right speed, responds very well to mouse clicks. Those great sounds are so totally clear and spiffy! This kicks the asses of the other Simon impostors. Congratulations!

Marc Zeedar of Stone Table Software:
Very cool little app! I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent release - very professional all the way around (documentation, program, graphics, sounds, etc.). A+!

Another great part of this game is that it's easy to use and also improves your memorization skills.

A1 Yippee:
Beautifully crafted. Particularly useful is that Mimic allows you to enter your mimic via the keypad, so you can rattle off the sequence at speed before you forget!

5 Dude Top Rating from FileDudes
5 Dude Top Rating

Dude Approved!
Dude Approved!

4 Star Rating from A1 Yippee
Yippee 4 Star Rating

TUKIDS "Memory & Matching" Featured Program
Ages 5-8 and Ages 9-12

StuffIt Expander 5 or later required to expand this file.
Download Mimic 1.2

Any Macintosh with Quicktime installed.Top

Mimic is shareware, only costing $8. All future versions will be free to registered users.

By registering Mimic, you gain the Record High Score feature, save your selection from the Sound menu, get rid of the shareware reminder, and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting shareware.

Register conveniently and securely online by credit card:

Register Mimic Online

Or via email, fax or snailmail using the Register application included in the download.
See the "Register Instructions" for how to use the Register application.

Contact & Support:
You can always get the latest version of Mimic from Echozone Software
Direct support questions, bug reports, feature requests, complaints or praise to Echozone Software
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