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Kaleidoscope Resources
Updated 2/18/01
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Kaleidoscope Home of the ultimate in user interface customization for the Mac by the illustrious Greg Landweber & Arlo Rose. Site includes the two links below and much more
NAUS The regularly updated New & Updated Schemes section of the KSA, maintained by Kaleidoscope Evangelist Eric Reid
KSA The Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive. Thousands of third part schemes. Searchable
Resource Editors
ResEdit Apple's free resource editor (direct download)
Designer's Studio Resource editor for creating Kaleidoscope schemes, supporting large cicns and icon sets
Resourcer Commercial spendy alternative
Scheme Factory The official Kaleidoscope Scheme editor, now in preview release, with plans for future expansion
Pink Elephants Graphical editor for the wnd# and cinf resources in K2 schemes (direct download)
SchemeChecker HyperCard Stack that checks various aspects of schemes
Dathorc's Sample Modified version of Apple's Appearance Sample (for viewing Appearance features) to view aspects of Kaleidoscope schemes
Icon Machine 32 bit icon editor with integrated mask editing
Iconographer 32 bit icon editor. Includes icon browser to edit files with multiple icon resources
clip2cicn Inserts a picture from the clipboard into a cicn
clip2icns For the creation of 32 bit icons. Takes a picture from the clipboard, creates a 32 bit icon with an 8 bit mask
Glypher Helps create system folder icons by enabling the creation of a set of glyphs to be layered on a generic folder base. 32 bit icon compatible.
Icon Helper Set Resource of all icon files for creating Kaleidoscope schemes or icon sets
IconBuilderPhotoShop plug-in for creating 32 bit icons
Export IconPhotoshop plug-in to export a image as a MacOS custom icon
IconBOSS 32 bit icon editor that comes with PowerBar Pro, both of which will not have future upgrades
TextureMagic Bitmap editor for creating seamless textures
PreviewMaker Utility for creating various screenshots of schemes, as well as showing a schemes important attributes
Coloristic Utility which magnifies the area of the screen surrounding the current curser position, displays color value, and measures pixel distances. What sets this one above similar tools, is that it remains active in the background.
SSCSM Scheme Switcher Control Strip Module by Akamai Design, the makers of Designer's Studio, and Greg Landweber
Guides & TutorialsTop
K2SEP A Kaleidoscope Scheme Editing Primer. In pdf format, updated for K2.
K2 Intro DRAFT Draft of official K2 documentation, with detailed instructions for editing the cinf and wnd# resources in K 2 schemes, in pdf format, by Kaleidoscope Evangelist, Eric Reid (direct download)
K2 Resources List Complete list of resources for Kaleidoscope 2.2.4 by Bert Uiterweer (direct download)
Scott's K2 help Tutorial on editing the cinf and wnd# resources in K2
How To
Make Schemes
Tutorial on editing the window rectangles and parts of the wnd# resources in K2, plus design guidelines
K2 Tutorial Downloadable tutorial on editing the window rectangles and parts of the wnd# resources in K2, plus scheme how tos
Regia An Open Source scheme, offered as a template for scheme creation, including a tutorial on editing the wnd# resources (direct download)
Tool Walkthroughs Tutorials on the graphical editors Pink Elephant and Scheme Factory
How to...
K2 Scheme Guide
A collection of tutorials written by various scheme authors
Kaleidoscope 2 FAQ A collection of Q & A
Button Ring Tutorial Calyxa's tutorial on default button rings
MOZCO !garash! IconTips & Tricks section has drawing techniques for creating icons, which apply to the icon based cicn resources of K schemes
The Kaleidoscope Way Zen and the art of the Kaleidoscope color scheme. Extensive resources
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