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Launch & quit applications automatically
with your internet connection

ConneXcellent allows you to select up to four applications to launch automatically with your pre configured PPP dialup internet connection, and to automatically quit any or all of them when disconnecting.

ConneXcellent is made up of two parts:

 ConneXcellent Control
This is the setup application. Double click on the ConneXcellent Control icon. Select the applications you choose to launch when connecting to the internet.
Choose which of those you want to quit or remain open when disconnecting.
Tip: Select the application last that you want to end up as the active one.
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The ConneXcellent application will connect if not connected, or if already connected, it will disconnect. It performs these functions invisibly and quits.
After setting your preferences in the ConneXcellent Control application, the ConneXcellent application will dialup your internet connection and launch your selected applications. If you're already connected, it will quit those applications chosen to quit while it disconnects your internet connection.
Tip: You can put ConneXcellent, or an alias to it, in any accessible location. Suggested locations are the Apple Menu Items Folder (located inside your System Folder), on the Desktop, or in any dock type launcher you might use, to have convenient one click access to connecting and disconnecting.

5 Cow Top Rating from TUCOWS
5 Cow Top Rating

5 Dude Top Rating from FileDudes
5 Dude Top Rating

4 Stars from ZDNet
4 Stars

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Praise for ConneXcellent:

James Sentman of sentman.com:
I checked out ConneXcellent. It's a very cool product.

Nicki Teixeira:
Absolutely great app!!

Russell Biby:
Great Product. I really like the program and enjoy using it.

Bill Lee:
5 Stars at Version Tracker. Clean little app. Really works. Well worth $8.

Michael Lujan:
It is a great little piece of software. I use it all the time.

Todd Talley:
I just tried it and it is really convenient. And it works!

Pete Goudreau:
Handy app, and a decent price, thanks.

Ricardo Mendez Matta:
You'd think Netscape would just work this way! Thanks.

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Download ConneXcellent 1.2

PPP based dialup internet connection
Open Transport

ConneXcellent is shareware, only costing $8. All future versions will be free to registered users.

By registering ConneXcellent, you gain the option to select a third and fourth application to open and close with your internet connection, get rid of the annoying shareware message that will periodically appear, and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting shareware.

Register conveniently and securely online by credit card:

Register ConneXcellent Online

Or via email, fax or snailmail using the Register application included in the download.
See the "Register Instructions" for how to use the Register application.

Contact & Support:
You can always get the latest version of ConneXcellent from Echozone Software
Direct support questions, bug reports, feature requests, complaints or praise to Echozone Software
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